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We are a group of professional locksmiths in Glasgow with many years in the city and the surrounding countryside and coast. We’re motivated to do good for the community, and have created this website largely in response to aid and assist the general public’s interaction with the locksmith industry. We like to help people, and one of the most vulnerable position’s a person can find himself is when they are locked out of their own home. We understand the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness that comes over a person when this happens. We’re here to help you prepare for and to think rationally through emergency.

We’re also experts in physical security, and we take this extremely seriously. Unlike a lot of locksmiths, we’ll advise you in an unbiased fashion how to go about your property’s physical security needs. We find that most of our physical security inspections are very revealing for our clients, but sometimes we see things recommended that just plain do not make sense to us. When giving advice to you, we take location, the likelihood of burglary, and the likelihood that the solution we’re recommending will help you protect your valuables into account.

A great example might be a client who lived in the countryside. They wanted a very strong lock on their door, and one that cost upwards of 500 pounds, to prevent robbery while they’re away.

“If I’m not here and someone breaks in, then they’ll get everything.”

I thought about this for a while, then said:

“Yes they might, but if they can’t get through that door, they’ll just go through the window. No one will hear the glass being broken out here.”

The client was far better off purchasing and installing secure safe to store their valuables while they’re not home and putting on a lock that would deter many criminals, rather than one that needs a blow torch to open!

We promise to recommend to you the very best, not just the best for us!

15 Lawmoor Rd, Dixon Blazes Industrial Estate, Glasgow G5 0UG

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